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April 2016

Just a short drive away from Edinburgh city centre, Tyninghame beach is a long stretch of isolated golden sands mirrored only by the vast darkness of the North Sea. Situated off the East Lothian Coast the beach is a stunning example of the natural Scottish coast line and is a regular haunt for city dwellers looking to escape to the ocean. However hidden along this coastline is an unexpected taste of Canada. Backed onto the beach is Tyninghame estate, which has been owned and managed by the Earls of Haddington since 1656. During the 1960's the 12th Earl of Haddington's wife the Lady Haddington missed her native Canada, so the Earl commissioned the construction of a traditional Canadian style beach log cabin. The cabin is perfectly positioned amongst the pine trees emulating the iconic Canadian landscape, with large glass windows that look out towards the ocean. The cabin was used as a place to admire the beauty of the windswept Scottish coastline.

During the mid 1970's the estate gave permission for the local council to build a country park dedicated to the Scottish-American naturalist, author and enviromental philosopher John Muir. This has created footpaths and bridleways around the estate open to the general public. The cabin is now available to rent for parties and functions with on-site camping facilites sheltered amongst the pines away from the coastline.


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