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Garden Visits



River Dart, Devon

Described as "The loviest place in the world" by former owner Agatha Christie. The Greenways Estate is nestled away on the bank of the River Dart in Devon. Bought by the Christie family in 1938 the house and gardens have become famous for featuring in several of Christie's literary works.

April 2016

As well as providing the location for the recent final series of David Suchet's Poirot. The garden, landscaped by Humphry Repton in the eighteenth century feels as though it has been designed with the River Dart in mind. As you walk around the grounds all paths eventually lead you to an opening where the river is beautifully framed amongst a sea of native Devonshire plants.

What strikes you when walking around the grounds on a sunny spring morning is the light at Greenways, the colours of all the plants are so vibrant and textural and the luscious greenery reflects off the vast winding River Dart. There are so many hidden spots and curiosities including a pet cemetery created by Agatha Christie. Greenways does get a lot of tourists but somehow even on a busy day you can feel as if you're the only one there. It is a very special place and you leave feeling as if you've left quite possibly "The loviest place in the world".

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