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Blagdon, Somerset

Often gardeners can toil for hours against nature to create the space they’ve always envisioned.

Yet no matter how diligently they tend the crafted space, it refuses to yield the desired results. When a gardener embraces the finite rhythms of nature and their location the results can be truly wonderful.

September 2020

Nestled within the Mendip Hills in Somerset is the hidden natural beauty of Yeo Valley Organic Gardens. One of only a very small handful of ornamental gardens in Britain to be certified organic by The Soil Association. The garden is 6.5 acres filled with herbaceous borders, meadows, a kitchen garden and a gravel garden (that absorbed most of our attention). This all sits alongside their Organic farmland.


To garden organically can often conjure up images of chaotic spaces left to the wilds of mother nature, with plants munched by slugs and unruly weeds that haven’t been suppressed with nasty chemicals. But that really doesn’t have to be the case and Yeo Valley organic garden is the prove. It’s a tamed beautifully orchestrated space that puts nature first. It’s a slower and more holistic approach to gardening where all types of wildlife are invited in, it takes time to form the interdependence between all the elements in the garden. With patience the result is an intricate balance that keeps pests at bay, the soil rich and the garden humming with wildlife.

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