May 2019




Malvern, Worcestershire

Spring 2019

The RHS Malvern Spring Festival in rural Worcestershire is a sensual celebration of all things Spring. Each show garden invites the picturesque rolling landscape of the Malvern Hills to interact with its designs. The planting schemes entice the gaze of the huge crowds of onlookers with their abundance of inspiration and even the most timid gardeners leave reassured that they can achieve a new level of beauty in their own patch of garden back home. 

A highlight for us this year was the green living spaces, a series of five small gardens all designed around a shipping container. Showing that even a small space can be transformed into a functional beautiful living space to unwind, showcasing the importance of horticulture for improved health and happiness. A particular favourite was the inviting space designed by Jessica Makin, An Artist's Studio at Home. The shipping container was softened with a rugged coating of cob (a natural building material made from clay, sand, straw, and water) and finished with a smooth earth floor polished with beeswax. The natural warmth of the terracotta walls complimented the green palette of texturised planting. Black Pearl Euphorbia and Ravenswing were two of our favourites in the scheme.


In the floral marquee we spied a beautiful Caramel Epimedium, it’s delicate form swaying as the crowd thronged the stalls absorbing the inspiration and buying new additions for their gardens.

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