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Reconnect with Nature




Every Springtime the British woodlands are transformed with a sea of tiny blue flowers, stretching across our ancient woodland beds like a blanket.

Cheddar, Somerset

April 2016

Many urban bluebells are predominately hybrids, but take a trip out to the woods and you'll find 50% of the world's population of our native bluebell 'Hyacinthoides non-scripta'. They have made their home for centuries, with their unique scent and delicate flower structure and still dominate the woodlands keeping the urban bluebell hyrids at bay. Wandering through the woodland, filled with ash and hazel trees; recovering from their winter state, the sun breaks through the sparse canopy, illuminating the lavender blue of the flowers. Combined with the aroma of wild garlic and rustle of wildlife, the landscape is alive yet peaceful.

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