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Pensthorpe Natural Park, Norfolk

We fell in love with Piet Oudolf's work the first month we moved to Somerset in the Autumn of 2014, when visiting Hauser & Wirth we were unaware of the dreamscape tucked behind the gallery until we stumbled into the beautiful space.

October 2020

Oudolf Field, with it’s gentle movement and woven textures, was unlike any garden we had ever visited. You could look across the whole garden in one sweep, taking in the rich burnt palettes of the season. The dramatic architectural structures of the black seed heads planted on mass and the subtle swaying of the grasses as a breeze rippled through the cascading borders. It had us captivated. Since that visit it’s become a ritual of ours to ensure we visit the beautiful space every few months, to check in and witness the transformative cloak of the seasons from lush green to the brittle winter borders fringed with frost.

When planning our recent trip to Norfolk the Millennium Garden, at Pensthorpe National Park, was top of our list to visit. Piet Oudolf’s first public garden in the UK was a blaze with autumnal hues, peaceful and observed only by us on a mizzle soaked morning in October. The one-acre contemporary landscape is hidden within the nature reserve. Oudolf’s dreamy naturalistic planting weaves together with the wilderness of the park and provides a sanctuary for the wildlife to flourish.

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